badwolfbay05 said: I was born on the 20th as well!

cool-daddy-yo said: I'm also from the 20th!!

Anonymous said: Omg more nov. 20th scorpios ! I guess we really do run tumblr #ScorpioNation !

nickwylde said: I'm also the 20th of November. crazy haha

Look guys more of us!

jayennsee said: just sendin some love to another 20th baby! <3 ^_^

Anonymous said: Are you a scorpio yourself

Yes, yes.

Anonymous said: Can you tell me about scorpios who are born in November 4 ??? (:

Tell me about yourself and thats the majority of the answer right there!

Anonymous said: I am told I am a scorpio because my birthday was reportedly nov 20, 1966. I was given up at birth. yrs later my birth mother told me she always felt depression in Octobers but could never remember my birth date. all my life my readings of all kinds have been seriously "off". not knowing for sure when I was exactly born makes me wonder if that's why I can never find a reading that sounds right, the reading just never matches me in any way. what is going on?

Being in a constant state of limbo must have made it that much more difficult to really find yourself, besides other obstacles life may have thrown at you. I first want to ask, do you not relate to anything at all Scoprio? If it’s a hard no, then its possible that mother knows best and your birthday could be around October. Or it could be a depressive time for her because maybe thats when she decided to give you up? Really could be a variety of things. But also keep in mind the end of October is also Scorpio babies. But back to your supposed birthday - I too am a 20th of November - which is a cusp with Sagittarius. Meaning its very possible to have a mix of both qualities. Or maybe you have more Sag in you? But if you’re convinced you might be an October baby, maybe try reading up on Libra - which covers majority of October. Or maybe don’t let the signs affect you and just live your life knowing the qualities about yourself that you know, love, hate, and would never change. 

I feel like I went off a bit on a tangent. But hope it helps you in at least in one way if not another. 



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ZodiacChic Post:Scorpio