Scorpio traits for men.

1.  Very Intense.  A Scorpio man goes at things full force.  He may even go after you that way.  This intensity may scare some women away at first as they may think he is just clingy or obsessive.  Keep in mind that the Scorpio male cannot help this, and look at it from the perspective that he knows what he wants and doesn’t wait to get it.  If he has chosen you, you can be assured that he has strong feelings for you.

2.  Determined and Persevering.  A Scorpio man never gives up on anything that he wants.  This goes along with the intense trait mentioned above.  If you have a Scorpio man in your life, you are going to need to step back and let him go after what he wants.  This will keep him happy and you will get in less fights.  There is no point in fighting with him about it because he isn’t going to give in.  

3.  Passionate.  Scorpio men are most known for their passion.  This is true in all areas of his life.  Scorpio men also are known for having a constant need for physical intimacy.  Encourage his passion and don’t look down on it as a negative thing.  Passion is what drives individuals to do great things.

4.  Sensitive.  Scorpio men are very easily hurt.  You should watch what you say around them.  They need more praise and are extremely sensitive to criticism.  There is no point in criticizing them since criticisms are used to enlighten someone of a change they should make.  The Scorpio man isn’t going to change, and your criticisms are only going to turn you in to his enemy.

5.  Seeks Revenge.  A Scorpio man is not known for being forgiving.  If the Scorpio man feels that you have betrayed him or hurt him in any way, he will seek to hurt you.  He may do this by tearing you down verbally (sometimes in front of other people), talk about you negatively behind your back, and possibly even perform some cruel jokes on you.  The best thing to do is never to cross a Scorpio man in the first place.

6.  Leader.  A Scorpio man is an independent leader.  He does not like to be bossed around.  He needs to be in charge at work and at home.  The Scorpio man may come off as a control freak.  It is important that you give your Scorpio man the freedom to be the head of the household.  If you do not allow him to have control in this area, you will constantly be butting heads and the relationship will eventually come to an end.

7.  Secretive and Mysterious.  Your Scorpio male will mostly likely have secrets he is keeping from you.  He likes to be mysterious.  If you discover any of his secrets, you are best not to tell him.  Having secrets is another way he can be in control.  Things will not go over well if you take any piece of that control away from him.

8.  Mood Swings.  Mood swings are one of the reasons that Scorpio men can be hard to figure out.  One minute they are enjoying their time with you and the next minute they want to go be alone.  They may be grumpy and then all of a sudden start joking about something.  You will need to take the good with the bad.  When the Scorpio man is in a good mood, have fun with him. When he is in a bad mood, let him have his space and don’t pester him or yell at him for being crabby.

9.  Charming.  You must keep an eye out when a Scorpio male is trying to charm you.  He may have ulterior motives as Scorpio men are known for being manipulative.  The good news is that you can’t be manipulated in to doing anything you don’t want to do if you are on the lookout for your man’s true motives.  Don’t let him know that you are on to him, or once again you will take away his control of the situation and he won’t like that.

10.  Needs Compliments.  A Scorpio man needs to be praised for what he does.  This is true for both work, and at home.  Try to look for something each day that you can praise your Scorpio man for.  Don’t over praise him or he will get suspicious. This is a great way you can be an encouragement for him.  It will also help build his trust and admiration for you.