Friendship Compatibility: Scorpio & Cancer.

The best way to describe these two very compatible water sign characters is to say, “Get ready to sink or swim!”  Cancer and Scorpio possess a tidal wave portion of emotional depth. 
Scorpio has emotional intensity that remains buried deep within.  They do not like anyone probing into their personal affairs, are extremely secretive, fixed in their opinions and views, and do not like to be questioned.  It is their nature to react in a James Bond type fashion about everything. 

Scorpio often attracts Taurus energy when becoming involved in a committed relationship, for Taurus is their polar opposite.  We all know opposites attract, but they may not be compatible.  However, Pisces and Cancer can handle Scorpio intensity the best.  Who better than a Cancer could understand all that deep, deep feeling and emotion.
Romantically speaking, once Cancer learns not to take Scorpio so personally, all should run smooth.  Security factors appeal to both of them, but Scorpio will be the one who will want to control all. Scorpio tends to test a mate through shrewd calculation summing up their every move.  Learn to share and trust a little more Scorp.  Cancer is big on security too, but not as intensely one-sided as Scorpio can be.  Scorpio can be extremely possessive, yet does not want to be possessed.  Don’t confuse Cancer’s need for emotional reassurance by making the mistake of assuming that they are clinging, for Cancer is extremely resourceful and can bounce back faster than Scorpio can, yet they remain hurt for a long time.  Where Scorpio holds grudges, Cancer holds on to the emotion and love.

Cancer must show Scorpio patient and sensible handling of financial matters in order to win Scorpio’s approval.  Deep emotional sexual unions are often experienced between these two signs, along with an intuitive telepathic link.  Both signs have dramatic emotional expressions and make good actors/actresses.  They are no strangers to food and never get lost in the kitchen.  Another room frequently occupied is the bedroom, where all that intensity is put to good use.  Scorpio is attracted to one who is passionate all hours of the day.  Cancer needs a mate to protect them and treat them gently.

Since Cancer likes to rehash events and Scorpio is so secretive, it is best to let Scorpio open up when they are ready.  Never force issues.  This may not suit Cancer so well at times, as it tends to make them feel rejected.  Cancer’s eyes may fill with tears on occasion, causing Scorpio to feel guilty.  All Scorpio has to do is reassure Cancer, use their penetrating insight, open up a bit and discuss the issue.  Yes, it’s that simple!

CANCER:     Emotional, Nurturing, Sensitive
SCORPIO:     Intense, Secretive, Deep Insight
ROMANTIC ATTRACTION:  Cancer:   Scorpio and Capricorn
                                                   Scorpio:  Pisces and Taurus