Friendship Compatibility: Scorpio & Taurus.

These two signs are the “money signs” of the Zodiac.  Both are super FIXED, set in their ways, and are complete opposites.  Both signs are feisty when it comes to finances.  Taurus is MY money. Scorpio is OUR money.
Taurus can be possessive, Scorpio can be jealous.  In other words, mutual financial dealings, control issues and resistive cautious application applies to both of their mannerisms.  Seldom will either bend.  Lessons that must be learned by these two signs are the fact that in order to blend, one must be willing to bend.  That is not the case here.  It can be an intense task for these two signs to compromise, forgive, or forget.
Scorpio possesses extreme complex emotions and does not like to be questioned.  Their love of secrecy makes them very private people.  Taurus can be turned off by Scorpio’s stubbornness, yet possesses this very same trait, although with a bit less emotional intensity.
The Scorpio female must have a strong mate, one who will understand her.  Taurus can be strong, but may not understand Scorpio completely.  She may have a long list of admirers and often uses sexual overtones to get attention.  Male Scorpio, as well as females, can be excessively possessive in relationships, wanting to control the other individual.  But remember Taurus is resistive when pushed.

The Scorpio male will at attracted to the Taurus with a combined interest in her physical beauty and financial level-headedness.  As the saying goes, “opposites attract”, but the initial attraction does not always produce the expected anticipated compatibility results.  Often times these signs together may end up producing somewhat of a similar comparison to that of one playing the role of a parent, and the other, the role of the child.
On a positive note, if they can learn to compromise their basic differences.  Taurus together with Scorpio may be able to complement one another.  In other words, what one lacks or is deficient in, the other can help to offset.  It has most often been quite a challenge for fixed signs to blend in harmony, and when they oppose, neither one will tolerate being bossed or controlled by the other.
Before becoming involved in a relationship, Taurus, as well as Scorpio, should allow ample time to build a trusting friendship first.
TAURUS:  Patient, Stubborn, Values Financial Security
SCORPIO: Intense, Secretive, Deep Insights
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