Anonymous said: I am an extremely sexually frustrated virgin. I am a very sexual person (as you can imagine, i'm a scorpio) and i just havent found that one person i am ready/willing to give it up to. i'm a girl and i think about sex all the time, but im a virgin. i dont have a guy in my life right now but i am starting to think that sexual frustration is playing a big part in my life. im thinking that maybe i should just loose it and get it over with, what do you suggest i do

If your sexual frustration is getting in the way your life, it’s a hazard. It’s unhealthy. Don’t just “get it over with”. Virginity is like a title, an achievement, a trophy. One of the easiest, but hardest to get. I suggest you just simply do what everyone eventually does, masturbate. I suggest you this because I have some regret for not having my V-card. Because, what if I chose to have sex after marriage? Would it have felt better physically and emotionally? It is one mystery I can never solve and that just simply “sucks”.


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